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How To Build A Whole New World For Fantasy And Sci-fi Novels?

World building even though it sounds interesting and fun it is hectic and makes us stressful. It is just something that keeps us writers worry continuously while writing. One wrong use of any sentence and the whole of effort of world building collapses. The world building in a fantasy novel can either be rewarding or a project that should be left in the files of your computer or inside your drawer collecting dusts and it never should published again.
So, how to build a world?

I present you these rules to write a world for your sci-fi and fantasy novels. Let me know whether any of these works for you or doesn't. 
Also let me know what you think about today's post.

1. Get Inspiration But Do Not Copy Them: If you want to write something about wizard world you can read ll the magical books and look at the style of writing in books such as Harry Potter. But we do not need any more books having a boy who survived from the attack from the most wanted murderer and a wizard and ended up having a lightening scar on his forehead. 
Sure everything is done before and all the books in the entire planet have at least 1 similar style and concept. What should be done is creating your very own magical world. Something that only come from within you or from your subconscious mind.

2. Give a vivid description of all your characters: Your character should seem real to your readers. What I mean is your readers should really understand and literally know them well through their minds eye. This required especially in fantasy and sci-fi novels. It might not be necessary in novels of other genres. 
Why this is required? Especially in sci-fi and fantasy there seem to be a lot of characters and it is easy to lose track of their life and what they do or who they are while we are engrossed with the story.

3. Create a Different Language: Having different language in the book can increase interest in your readers mind. It just gives a whole new style and edge to your book. I am not telling you to write the whole book  in a very different language created only by you. What you can do is throw some unique languages here and there along with the language your book is written in. 
But before you do that make sure you have build up or at least created the background of your world. Make sure that your readers know your character before they know what unique language they speak.

4. Consider the setting of the place: In 30 percent of the book describe clearly about the settings. Lets say your setting is in a snow land, you do not want your people to wear tropical shorts, right? That would make no sense. Also make sure you describe or throw bits of information about plants and animals.
 The trick to put them in the story is when you describe a character living or staying on the place. The other way is when couple characters are in the plot.

5. Consider The Economy: Give a little bit of back story or describe shortly about the economy. Who runs your fantasy and/or sci-fi world? Is the government providing enough? Are they good or are they bad? Write about the condition of the living condition of the people, and also make sure write about the currency or how they trade. Along with the economy as a whole, the subcategories like education and infrastructure are important as well.
The best way to write it is after the opening of the chapter or somewhere in the first couple of chapters. It is better to set a scene or a little story about a characters day to day life and put some of these important factors in your book.

6. Open with a bang: You do not want your readers to flip the pages continuously not getting anything at all. Also you do not want your readers to read all those cliche day to day activities. You want them to be excited, curious and ask the question "What happens next?"
Brainstorm your idea before you write sci-fi and fantasy novels. Once you have an idea write them down in a note pad or your iphones note. Or you can put it aside in MS word. Now, all you have to do is come with a hint of fantasy or sci-fi in the beginning of the novel. What you can do is put your characters in a jittery state after they experience the unexpected. Put them through stress, sadness, happiness r any kind of emotion associated with the event. That way the readers will relate to them from the beginning.

7. A dramatic end is the way to end: A boring happy ending is not what we expect from fantasy or scifi. It should be mysterious, dramatic, or with a fight scene or it can be a scene where the protagonist wins the fight nearly escaping the death. Even if its a happy ending make it something exceptionally emotional that makes the reader keep coming back to read your ending.

There are the 7 rules I believe makes a sci-fi book interesting and fascinating to read.

Do you have any suggestions? Let me know.

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

My New Book, "THE SMART PSYCHOPATH" Would Release Soon!

Hey there! Today I would like to tell you that I am extremely excited that I have finished editing my book. Though my first draft was finished a month ago, it was the editing that needed a lot of work. The other thing I have to work on now is the cover. Wish me luck! Here is my first chapter of The Smart Psychopath. Let me know what you think and at the end of the post please checkout my previous book The Unlucky Intern available on Amazon and Kindle.

Chapter 1


The wine spilled all over my shirt and jeans. I grabbed some tissues from the counter and wiped my shirt and jeans and also wiped the table clean. Thank god not a single drop spattered on my favourite black hoodie that kept me warm and snug always. 

I was not feeling my best today, I was greatly disturbed by my surroundings. The bartender at the counter was staring at me while I was cleaning my shirt. She resembled like my ex-wife, Jenna who was short and used to have mid-length auburn hair, blue eyes, small lips and sharp feature. The bartender had a butterfly tattoo on her left wrist just like my ex-wife whom I have killed with my own hands.

Was it my fault that she was horribly murdered? Maybe and maybe not!

Jenna hated the fact that Lily, our 2 year old daughter wasn’t getting enough material things, abundant food and love unlike other kids in Huntington city of West Virginia. Our 2 year old daughter, Lily was the only thing that was making me happy in the darker times. She was the only thing that kept me from hurting my wife. I loved my Lily more than anyone, more than her stupid, annoying mother who accidentally killed her own child while fulfilling her own needs. 

She had always put her own needs before anyone else’s, even before her child. I was getting exhausted of her endless, rubbish material demands.  I was tired of Jenna and her continuous bickering. Her pestering about money and our situation continued till 28th December 2009, until I couldn’t take it anymore. That day she went to shopping with her friends but she left the baby in the bathtub while the water was running. She was giving a bath to Lily on our bathtub. I didn’t know what made shopping so exciting that she would forget her own kid. Jenna was self-obsessed and a horrible mother. So, when I returned from work I saw my Lily was already dead, she drowned in the water while her mother was out. I couldn’t believe so and I held Lily for hours. 

I didn’t report the incident to the police and thought of taking the matter in my hand. It was high time I took the situation in my hand. It was 11.30 pm and my wife wasn’t back yet, so I wrapped my Lily in a big yellow plastic bag that I got from the storage and placed her in the trunk. I waited for my wife to arrive. At twelve past five I heard the clicking sound of the lock and I know Jenna was back from her little trip to mall. I waited in the washroom with a knife in my right hand, I know she would be there soon. As soon as she opened the door I put my left hand over her mouth tightly and stabbed her straight in her heart. She cried and whimpered and tried to push me with both her hands. Too bad, I was strong enough to pull her towards me. I continued to stab her stomach and chest until she was dead. I felt peace wash over me. I was relieved for the first time in years. 

Jenna was always pestering me about how much of a big loser I was. Reminding me always that my childhood friends were much better off living in a posh condo, having a luxury car and most of all having money to afford anything their wife demanded. She never supported me when our family was going through tough time during financial crisis in 2009. Recession had made us lose all the money that I have invested in stock. It forced us to move from reasonably well one room condo to a very small house in a small neighborhood where crime rate was splurging.

But for some reason I felt lonely and felt I was the biggest loser on earth with no wife and no baby. I kissed her before wrapping her in to another yellow plastic bag I got from my storage. I took both the bag and placed them on my truck which I sold the next day. I disposed the bodies in a huge garbage bin near a seafood market in 4th Avenue. I cried on my way back to my home because I was scared that I would be caught. That day I couldn’t sleep. I knew police would come looking for me soon and I need to flee and maybe change my own identity. 

The next morning I sold my truck to a guy in the neighbourhood and went back to my house to gather all the necessary things I would need to get out of the city. 
I grabbed my bag pack and small suitcase and took a cab and went to Berkeley Springs of Morgan County in West Virginia. 
I stayed in a small motel in Morgan County which costed pretty less. For the next couple of days I looked for a place where I could actually live and start a fresh new life. With help of a very good friend of mine who coincidentally happened to live in Morgan County, who was a very twisted, convoluted person I have ever met in my life I got a new passport, new social security number, driving licence and finally changed my name.

By the way, my real name was Adam Bell before I changed my identity and this was my story.

Anyways I felt like she, I mean the bartender, would be heading in my direction. She looked so like my Jenna but only less beautiful. She was now placing the glasses on a tray and was garnishing it with cherry. Then she set out the plates on the table. I could hear her heels clicking noisily on the tiles of the bar. I hated that sound as it reminded me of Jenna. Jenna wore high heels. I never saw her in flats not even when she was pregnant with Lily.

 I wished that the bartender would stop walking around and sit down for a second because that would help me to calm down quick. I am sweating profusely and I felt like I need to puke. She came towards me and stared at me.
What the hell did she want? 

I was scared I would be doing something horrible if she stayed here for even like couple of seconds. I was horrified that I would do something unspeakable, something I would regret. I lowered my gaze when she approached towards me and when I looked up she had a flirty smile on.

“Do you want something, sir?”, she said with a wink. She was flirting.

I wanted you to stay away from me before you and I, both regret. 

“No nothing, I just want my bills, thank you.”, I said avoiding eye contacts all along. I wanted to smile back and flirt but for some reason I couldn’t. She needed to get away from me. She looked so like Jenna. 

“Are you sure, sir? You do look like you are feeling sick. Do you want me to get you something, water?” , she smiled but her eyes looked concerned. She leaned towards me, her lips were parted, and her eyes glimmered. She wanted to say something but some customer called her for bringing him bills.

“No, my bills.” , I replied her.

“Alright, I will be right back.”, she turned dramatically swaying her hips and winking just before she turned.

Thank god.

I waited patiently and saw her getting busy with the other customers. She wore a blue top and auburn hair was loosely tied in a side bun, just like the way Jenna would style her hair. Something inside me burned but I was trying my best to repress that feeling. I very well knew the consequences of it. I very well knew what would happen if I do what I am thinking of doing. I was scared that she might walk up to me anytime now and would wake the monster inside me. 

She served the man opposite me with a smile on her face, a smile that looked so much beautiful like Jenna’s. He sat with his back towards me. He was most probably drinking wine. My attention suddenly diverted to a customer who was sitting on the far right corner of the pub. He was drinking the same wine I ordered. I recognized him as one of the carpenter in this city. 

“Here is your bill, did you find everything great?” said a waiter, he came from right behind me. I was too much focused on the Jenna-like waitress.

Where was she now? She was just right here. Wasn’t she?

I payed the bill and got out of the door as fast as I could. I needed to get some fresh air and I needed to get the monster out of me. I needed silence and peace. 
I could see the pub from a safe distance, it was far enough now. I could see the place getting dimmer. I guessed I was the last person in the pub. The place was getting chillier and deserted. I was about to turn the corner of the street but just then I saw the bartender without her badge of the restaurant carrying a large cross body bag. Her heels were clicking noisily on the concrete pavement. 

I just spotted her heels now. I could clearly see the colour and the shape even though it was dark outside. It was a red shoe with bows on the side of the ankles.
 I bought a similar shoe for Jenna on her 17th birthday, the very last birthday before she was killed. She hated the colour of the shoe even though it looked perfect on her. The majority of the women would love to wear that fiery color. She was on a different level. She thought the material was cheap and that it looked absolutely ugly. She wouldn’t wear it because she would feel embarrassed in front of her friends who she thought had great sense of style and personality. One day she told me that she would not accept any gifts I would give her because she would feel insulted if her friends get to see the presents I offer her. That made my blood boil but I had to repress it because I was also frightened that my anger would let her leave me and that I would be lonely. I felt like thrashing her, slapping and telling her to leave but couldn’t do so because Lily needed a mother and I needed someone to love me.

Today, the bartender was going to the direction I was heading. There was a black long haired guy behind her. He was walking slowly and was too busy checking his cell phone. He turned to his right to Mirium Street and was out of my sight. The bartender was rummaging through her bag to find something, maybe cell phone. When she turned her head to look straight, I walked hurriedly and hoped that she would not suspect that I was observing her.

 I stopped at a corner and pretended to lace up my sneakers so that she was ahead of me. Great thing was she didn’t even notice me lace up my sneakers or that I was following her. I guess she was too busy in her own thoughts or too tired to be aware of her surroundings. 

I waited for couple of seconds and without thinking I started to follow her. Damn I should stop. 

Her heels were making me ever so angry than before. It was making me remember all the horrible things Jenna used to say without any sympathy. She was ruthless.

 I tried to stop myself from following this little, beautiful bartender. She was heading south and entered a deserted neighbourhood. It was 2 Am in the morning and I was sure no one was awake at this hour of night. According to my knowledge of Berkeley Springs, its people and neighbourhoods, this particular one here had people who had day jobs not night jobs. But this little beautiful women here was a bartender at night and was a night owl.

She was no longer wearing a bun and she ran her fingers through her auburn hair making me shiver a little. She stopped and was about to turn back but I hid behind a white Sudan that was parked on the side of the street. Her eyes searched the place frantically and rested long on the white Sudan. Her eyes were then tight shut and she let a long sigh and turned again to move to the direction she was heading. 

She was scared and that’s what I wanted and loved. I had always scared my victims before attacking them. 

I kept following her from a very safe distance and then she came to a stop near a small brick house. The house looked beautiful from outside even if it was small and was accommodated for maximum three people. She reached the door and turned the door knob. She closed the front door as quickly as she could behind her and locked it. 

I very well knew she understood that someone was following her. I quickly went to the back of the house hunching myself and ducking my head, making sure no one saw me. The back door was kept ajar. Silly girl! She thought the neighbourhood was safe. I was going to prove her wrong that it was not safe anymore. 

Well, This was almost eighty percent of the first chapter. Hope you like it and let me know what you think.

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Why Should You Go For Fiction Rather Than Non Fiction?

I have always been writing whether it is fiction or non-fiction. When I write non-fiction it feels I am trying to give an exam in a history or geography class. It feels like writing things you have learned, experienced and have seen. Well that's a very good thing. Helping others in your life and that too with a book can be unusually fun and helpful. Writing things that you know and turn that piece in to self improvement book can be very beneficial for both you and the readers. As much as it is self-rewarding it can be giving.

But what if whatever you have learned in your life does not benefit others? What if whatever you have seen, felt, experienced does no good to others? Then it is not at all giving, not at all beneficial and fun for others. People would not be willing to read what you have got to say. People would never feel that you are writing the book to help them but to frustrate them.

And also I would like to ask you (no offence to the writer of non-fiction) , how do you feel when you are writing what you know, what you have seen, feel, experienced? It feels just you are experiencing same old journey again only this time it is monotonous. It also feels like you are not at all triggering the part of your brain you are supposed to exercise, you are not at all putting any effort to improve your skill, your idea, your knowledge.

Writing fiction is like writing the unknown...but writing the unknown can be beneficial as it would increase your creativity and would tell you to research. It is only in fiction writing we thing outside the box and also research to make things realistic when it is supposed to be. Lets say you are writing crime fiction, you can let your creativity flow and come up with excellent story but also at the same time you would research know more about how detectives and forensic department works. That's the best part about fiction writing, it gives you an excuse to do the best of both worlds!

My latest work has been progressing pretty much the way I want to. I have never felt such extreme burst of creativity before but thanks to my latest work about office drama which helped to explore and research many things that I was unaware of.

I have recently started another fiction book and soon it would be released.

Here is one of my book The Unlucky Intern, I would love to hear what you think about today's post and about my latest book.


Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Is It Okay To Have More Than One Main Character?

I have been writing a book lately about a psychopath. My book has two protagonists: one is the detective, Jessica Lauren and the other is a psychopath. Both the characters are expressing their viewpoint and both are equally important in my story. Even though some might suggest that the psychopath is the antagonist of the story, I consider the psychopath as important as Jessica Lauren because without the psychopath other characters might not have existed.

So, yeah its absolutely okay to have two or sometimes more protagonists. But how do you make them equally important?

I do believe to make them equally important, it is better to write a story in first person narrative. A first person narrative would help reader understand what actually is going inside both or more main characters.

Secondly it is important to take your time to build the character. Do not just keep on writing the story, give readers an insight of the main characters' background and their past life. Take your time to build your character, of course don't take up too much time to make it boring. As a writer we have to keep literally thousand things in mind.

Give all your main characters strong purpose which would entirely change the story. Well, not necessary change the story but make sure each of your main character has purpose to move your readers.

Give your main characters equally important dialogues. They must be treated as the king of the story. They should be equally fascinating for the readers. Yes, it is one of the hardest task to do but once dialogues are set correctly, the main characters would sound equally significant.

It is not necessary for lets say-both the main characters to be in the same chapter, and again it also not necessary for both the main characters to be in separate chapters. The trick is to give them a voice that is really strong. Lets say one of your main character narrates almost an entire chapter. Only the last two pages of the chapters are for the other main character. In that case make the one with least amount of pages much more significant sounding than the first. Or make the later sound more interesting or extremely emotional or give that particular main character's story a sudden twist.

Make it sound like they are the best of friends or they are the worst enemies. This makes the story more fun to read. Its just wont be fun if this rule is not followed and the story would turn out to be bland and dull.

So, these are the tips I could think of and that's what I am following for my new book. It is going out soon in Amazon for you to enjoy. In the mean time I would love to get feedback on my drama novel called The Unlucky Intern.

Let me know what you think about today's post and my book.....Here is the link.


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3 Tips To Stop Procrastinating And Start Writing

We often think of delaying our task and doing it on a later date. That date actually never arrives since we are way too lazy or scared to start the work. Procrastination can ruin our goal in both short term and long term. It is the main reason we are lacking behind in our lives.
It is also true for people who writes and want to publish their first novel. Procrastination would stop us from dreaming big and would never let us even start our first novel. The easy tip for those who wants to get their novel done is simply to start writing and keep on writing until you are satisfied. However some of us still like to start our writing journey later in our lives that results number of years of time wasting and procrastination.
Here are three tips I have come up with while going through the publishing process of my first book (a novel is on its way):
  1. Have a short term goal instead of long term ones: Instead of telling yourself that you need to finish your novel, tell yourself that you need to write and finish one chapter- lets say within 2 days. If that's sounds too hard and impossible to achieve, make a plan that you need to have written at least 7 paragraphs within two days. All you need to remember that it would get easier once you start type because one word would lead to another couple of words completing one sentence and one sentence could lead to come up with more sentences to make up one paragraph. Its all easy once you get it done.
  2. Start jotting your ideas on a notebook: Have a note pad and pen with you even if you have your note app on your iPhone. A note book and note pad lets you to write something that's important to you or something that would lead you to see clear picture of where you are going. What I mean is a note app on your phone is just a complete distraction that would lead you to use other apps say -facebook and twitter on your phone instead of putting all your attention on your work. A separate note book would help you to be determined as well and would help you stick to your plan. Also make sure that you have a day planner attached to your note book.
  3. Let someone push you to move your butt: Let someone in your family or friends know what you are up to. Tell them to push you to start writing and stop procrastinating if they ever find you drifting away from your goals. Talk about your goals and writing plans with someone you trust or someone who has enough knowledge about how to get things done. Tell those whom you know would always support you no matter where you are or who you want to be.
There are the best 3 tips I believe would make any aspiring writer to start writing and stop procrastinating now. If you are starting your journey as a writer always remember to give yourself a pat in the back for even the smallest amount of success.

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I would love to know what you think about my latest books and would be happy to read your reviews

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Dreams and Reality

I have been lately thinking about where my life is heading. I have been confused about what I want in life and what I want to achieve. Whatever I have dreamt looked absurd and seems far from being a reality. And what I thought was real is now a dream.
I have always thought that I would just take the easy route just like everyone. A route where I can successfully live a "normal" life without risking too much. A society's definition of normal life is nine to five job, decent career, decent salary, a nice home to live, nice car to ride and of course it also includes a perfect partner and a family. I thought this is what is destined for me. This is how everyone is living their life and claims to be comfortable and sustainable.

But there is also a side of me that wants something spectacular and fun, the side of me that hates the reality and wants to escape the mundane task. This is the side of me which wants to explore the world, be creative and innovative. This is the true side of me.

I have always wanted to do something creative, something that would wash peace over me. One thing that absolutely makes me feel happy and pushes me to work even harder than anything is writing. I have been an avid reader of Fiction books and have passion for writing and discovering new stories. Fiction storybooks are the best way for me to escape reality and descend towards a never-ending dream.

But for a long time the dream seamed to be translucent and unachievable. But now something has changed. It suddenly clicked just after I realize what a shame it is to get paid for something that only gives you mental stress. Mental stress I believe is literally associated with any kind of work and even the type of job which you love to do. But if the job is close to your heart and gives you a feeling of independence, tranquility and unexplained and unbound happiness that stress automatically turns in to a pain that is sweeter and endurable.

Now I have taken a decision not only to write a book but also to connect with you. You, my audience would be the best addition to Fabia Writes blog. You would help me to finish my book and in return I would give you an opportunity to take yourself to the world of fiction, fantasies and unheard stories.

Here is a link to one of my book. Let me know what you think.

How To Build A Whole New World For Fantasy And Sci-fi Novels?

World building even though it sounds interesting and fun it is hectic and makes us stressful. It is just something that keeps us writers ...