Friday, 3 March 2017

3 Tips To Stop Procrastinating And Start Writing

We often think of delaying our task and doing it on a later date. That date actually never arrives since we are way too lazy or scared to start the work. Procrastination can ruin our goal in both short term and long term. It is the main reason we are lacking behind in our lives.
It is also true for people who writes and want to publish their first novel. Procrastination would stop us from dreaming big and would never let us even start our first novel. The easy tip for those who wants to get their novel done is simply to start writing and keep on writing until you are satisfied. However some of us still like to start our writing journey later in our lives that results number of years of time wasting and procrastination.
Here are three tips I have come up with while going through the publishing process of my first book (a novel is on its way):
  1. Have a short term goal instead of long term ones: Instead of telling yourself that you need to finish your novel, tell yourself that you need to write and finish one chapter- lets say within 2 days. If that's sounds too hard and impossible to achieve, make a plan that you need to have written at least 7 paragraphs within two days. All you need to remember that it would get easier once you start type because one word would lead to another couple of words completing one sentence and one sentence could lead to come up with more sentences to make up one paragraph. Its all easy once you get it done.
  2. Start jotting your ideas on a notebook: Have a note pad and pen with you even if you have your note app on your iPhone. A note book and note pad lets you to write something that's important to you or something that would lead you to see clear picture of where you are going. What I mean is a note app on your phone is just a complete distraction that would lead you to use other apps say -facebook and twitter on your phone instead of putting all your attention on your work. A separate note book would help you to be determined as well and would help you stick to your plan. Also make sure that you have a day planner attached to your note book.
  3. Let someone push you to move your butt: Let someone in your family or friends know what you are up to. Tell them to push you to start writing and stop procrastinating if they ever find you drifting away from your goals. Talk about your goals and writing plans with someone you trust or someone who has enough knowledge about how to get things done. Tell those whom you know would always support you no matter where you are or who you want to be.
There are the best 3 tips I believe would make any aspiring writer to start writing and stop procrastinating now. If you are starting your journey as a writer always remember to give yourself a pat in the back for even the smallest amount of success.

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